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Who Are We?
Zhongshan soke lighting electric appliance co. LTD

Zhongshan suoke lighting is a research and development, production, sales in one integrated enterprise.Business products: commercial lighting/home lighting/office lighting/crystal chandelier/soko electrical products;Through unremitting efforts, has become the domestic region has the scale lighting industry brand, can meet the different levels of customer demand, the products sell well in the domestic cities and towns.



specializing in the production of commercial lighting/home lighting/soko electrical products

Chinese lighting is a Chinese style lamp

Chinese lighting is a Chinese style lamp. Chinese style lamps have strong Chinese charm. Chinese style marble lamp is one of them, which is a combination of Chinese and western. Chinese lighting inherits Chinese culture, uses foreign things for Chinese purposes, makes the past serve the present, absorbs the strengths of all, and advances with the times. Chinese style lighting emphasizes the classi